Healing Pathway Phase I

September 12, 2024 – September 14, 2024

Phase 1 is an introduction to the basic concepts of healing hands within the Christian tradition, with an emphasis on learning to be a healing presence and instrument of God’s healing power.  For more information and to register:  Healing Pathway Phase I

Voices from the Land

Voices from the Land

August 22, 2024 – August 24, 2024

“Voices from the Land” (learn more) is a creative process that encourages participants to explore the connection between nature, art, language and culture.
This award winning Workshop opportunity “Voices from the Land” led by renowned Educator, Erik Mollenhauer.

Hagitude™ Retreat

October 30, 2024 – November 2, 2024

This will be a multi-faceted, creative retreat based on Sharon Blackie’s book Hagitute: Reimagining the second half of life.

More information coming soon.


Self-Directed Retreats

Solo or Group

Solo and Group Retreats  2024

These may be scheduled at your convenience and our availability – inquire here on this contact form

Solo Retreat: You may wish to book one of our cabins or rooms and spend your time on your own wandering the land, spending time in the spacious guesthouse second floor and library, or delve into the art or writing project that has been calling to you.

Group Retreat: You can reserve our second floor meeting space and of course make use of many outdoor spaces for gathering.

Meals: All accommodations have a self-catering option for meals.  You can bring your own food and prepare it for yourself. If you would like to join us for meals you are welcome to do so for a fee.  Please indicate on the contact form if you would like to explore this option.

Other services provided upon request and for a fee:

Spiritual Direction 


Guided Forest Therapy

Scheduled Retreats 2024

Wild Church Leadership Training  2024

Thursday, May 2 @ 4pm – Saturday, May 4 @ 2pm

This is a retreat is for anyone wanting to learn more about leading wild church services. We especially encourage anyone who will lead or hopes to lead a wild church service in Algonquin Park next summer to attend.

In Wild Church, also known as Forest Church, we attune ourselves to the Sacred through the earth and her creatures. The more-than-human world is part of the gathered congregation.

We gather to listen deeply, explore creatively, and live gratefully; and to be transformed by intentional connection with the ancient and sacred rhythms of the creation of which we are a part. Together we will read and study the Book of Nature.

The ancients say that to know nature is to know something of God.

Leaders of this retreat, Marilyn and Svinda, will explore, among other things, what it means to lead a worship service that is not simply an indoor service moved to the outdoors; how to engage with all our senses, knowing that the gathered community includes the human and more-than-human beings in our midst; and how to lead others to do the same. We will also share some spiritual practices that can be included in a wild church service.

Cost including meals: 

Bedrooms in Guest House with shared bathrooms: $550

Cabins: $490 (shared accommodation – single beds and loft)

Commuter: $370 (we can help you find a close location)

Register: click the sign up button on this page and fill in the form or info@riseaboveguesthouse.ca or call Marilyn 613-334-0668

Please contact your Regional Council for a grant to help cover some of the cost. Investment in Leaders Fund.

Location: Rise Above Guest House, 470 East Road Loop, Bancroft, ON. K0L1C0

Wild Church Leadership Training