About Rise Above Guest House

Who we are in a nutshell

Our Vision

Rise Above Guest House welcomes all to cycles of healing in connection with the Land.

Our Mission

We Pledge to be in alignment with the Land’s natural healing energy, by embracing the stewardship principles of:

  • Generosity of spirit
  • Community of hospitality
  • Embodied listening
  • Openness to transformation

Offerings include:

Expanding on our stewardship principles above:

Generosity of spirit means that we seek to give others and ourselves the benefit of the doubt. When in doubt, think the best of others and their intentions, including our own. We pattern our generosity on the generosity of Land and Creator.

Community of hospitality – also patterned on the generosity of Land and the Divine Source of all Life. All who gather here become part of the community and therefore have the privilege of providing hospitality for each other.

Embodied listening means tuning into the Land, each other, and the Divine with all of our senses, even beyond the five traditional senses that we learn about in kindergarten. We believe it is possible to listen with our hearing, yes, and also with our intuition, spiritual sense, heart sense, and imaginal sense, among others.
Listening deeply in this way, makes way for our final stewardship principle –

Openness to Transformation is fairly self-explanatory. Spending time on the Land and in community with all the beings for whom this is home with a generous spirit, community of hospitality and embodied listening opens us to the possibility of healing and transformation. This is our hope for all who come to Rise Above Guest House.

Our name choice was inspired by the “Rise Above” artwork by Kurt Flett, an Oji-Cree (Swampy Cree) from Garden Hill First Nation in the Island Lake region of northern Manitoba.

Come and join us in our adventure with the Land as we continue to learn what she has to teach us.

If you’re in the neighbourhood consider joining us for our Wild Church Gathering – Cathedral of the Trees, follow our workshop and retreat offerings, book Guided Forest Therapy, or Shiatsu, inquire about booking the space for your own retreat offering, or simply book a stay and be completely in charge of your own itinerary.  No matter what you choose, we are confident that the Land will embrace and support you.